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Going beyond the flavor packet.

Beef and Chorizo ramen

Beef and Chorizo ramen pic 2 Beef and Chorizo ramen pic 1

Here’s something a little different. Chorizo works well in so many things – a bit of zip, interesting spices, and protein.


1 pack of beef ramen

3-4 ounces of Chorizo – variety of your choosing

Get the water boiling, add chorizo. Allow it to cook enough that you can break it up.

Add the noodles and flavor packet, boil 3 minutes

Drain to preference, top with salsa or chili sauce

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Beef & Onion Ramen with poached egg

(photo forthcoming)


1 bag of ramen noodles (beef)
1/4 lb ground round hamburger

1/2 small chopped up onion
1 egg


Once the water is boiling, add noodles, flavor packets, onion, and hamburger.  Boil 3 minutes and make sure the meat is done.


Reduce to a simmer, and crack the egg into the top of the pot, cook to preference.


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Beef & Egg ramen

Beef ramen with egg

Adding an egg to the chicken ramen went so well, I tried it today with beef.  Same procedure – strain an egg into the boiling water and then add noodles and make it as normal.  I wasn’t sure if it’d taste good, but the egg and beef combine for an interesting and good flavor.  This might even be better than the chicken & egg drop version.

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Egg-Drop Chicken Ramen

Egg-drop Ramen

Here’s a quick easy one to get things started. The egg adds a nice flavor, and some protein, to standard chicken-flavored Ramen noodles.

What you need:

1 package of chicken ramen

1 egg

Slotted spoon or egg separator


Boil 2 cups of water. While you’re waiting for it to boil, crack and scramble the egg.

Once the water is boiling, pour the egg through a slotted spoon or egg separator into the boiling water. Add the noodles immediately, stir.

After 3 minutes, drain as preferred, stir in the flavor packet, and serve.

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Welcome to ramen-recipes.com – We’ll be sharing ways of enjoying this inexpensive and delicious food that go beyond the flavor packet.

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