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Going beyond the flavor packet.

About Ramen-Recipes.com

Why does this site exist?

I like ramen. I suspect, if you’re here, that you like ramen. But, it can be so much more interesting than just picking which flavor packet to add, and usually can be done quickly and cheaply. The goal, then, is to find and share interesting ways to cook ramen.

Can anyone add recipes?

You bet. Click on “Register” and create yourself an account. You’ll be able to write a post right away, the first time I’ll have to authorize you as someone who can post and I’ll publish it, after that you can publish on your own. I’m leaving this wide-open in the hopes that it won’t be abused.

Where do you get your recipes and ideas?

Some of these are completely based on “OK, what do I have in the fridge?”, and some are from friends, or other websites. I haven’t published any that I haven’t actually tried, and would prefer that if you’re going to post recipes, they are ones that you have used rather than just something you found on another site, or whatever.

Hey! You’re using MY ramen recipe!

It’s possible. I found a bunch of great ideas on fark.com, in this thread:


It’s also possible that at some point, your fridge and mine have had the same random assortment of ingredients and we both discovered something good because of it.

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